The Pharaoh Hounds at Northgate's / bred by Northgate's

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PHARAOH HOUNDS Eyes Knees Hips Elbows Other
NCM's All That Glitters Is Gold At Northgate   0/0 A/A    
Something To Talk About          
So What          
Sitre Ramesses          
Storm In A Teacup          
Speak Of The Devil          
Rumours And Gossip          
Rock Princess OK 2017 0/0      
Red Riding Hood     B/B 0/0  
Red Rabbit Hunter         Exported to Japan
Read All About It          
Russian Roulette          
Rock The World ppm iris-iris 0/0 D/C 0/0  
Qing Of The North     A/A 0/0  
Queen Ezhar         Exported to Sweden
Queen of Diamonds          
Queen of my Heart         Exported to Germany
Queen of the Pirates          
Queen Supreme          
Pablo Picasso          
Perfect Ten          
Piece of Art          
Place Your Bets          
Platinium Edition OK 2014 0/0 B/B 0/0 LTVO, VAO normal, SPO clean
Prince Charming ok 2015 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Proud To B Loud          
Poetry In Motion OK 2016 0/0      
Name of the Game         monorchid
Nothing Else Matters          
No Doubt          
No Matter What         Exported to Norway
No Regrets OK 2014 0/0 B/C 0/0

LTVO, VAO normal, SPO clean

Distichiasis (extra eyelashes)

Heart: no murmur

Northside Special OK 2013 0/0 A/A 0/0  
King Arthur         died in a car accident on 18.06.2013
King of the Ring         Exported to Sweden
Kalahari Queen         Exported to Sweden
Katharina The Great          
Khamseen The Queen         Addison
Killer Queen          
Katherine of Aragon          
Koh-I-Noor OK 2017 normal Good normal Exported to USA CERF # 256/2010-6 Thyroid:normal
Just For Kicks OK 2010 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Just Let Them Talk         monorchid
Just About Perfect         Disappeared in Lappland in 2013
Just Look At Me OK 2014 0/0 A/A 0/0  
I Did It My Way          
Incredible Me         monorchid
It's Gonna Be Me         exported to Lithuania
I Me Mine OK 2012 2/1 A/A 0/0  
I Want It All OK 2011 0/0 B/B 0/0  
How Ya Like It          
Heavens I'm Hot     A/A 0/0  
Hot Couture OK 2013        
Follow Me Please         exported to Czech Republic
Forever N Ever OK 2012 0/0 A/B 0/0  
Freestyler         monorchid
Front Page News OK 2011 0/0      
Fuel For Life          
Fashion Icon          
Fly With Style          
Forbidden Fruit   0/0 A/A 0/0 Addison
Devotion         Exported to Switzerland
Dom Perignon OK 2008 0/0      
Don't Blame Me OK 2008 0/0      
Double O Seven         monorchid
Divine Hanishan OK 2008 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Drama Queen OK 2008 0/0      
Burning Sky OK 2008 0/0 C/B 1/1  
Before The Dawn OK 2008 0/0      
Absolutely Fab OK 2013 0/0 B/A 0/0 Distichiasis (extra eyelashes)
Ace of Spade          
Ain't A Saint OK 2007 0/0      
As You Like It         Exported to Sweden
Above And Beyond OK 2010 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Angel Innocent OK 2008 0/0 A/A 0/0 Distichiasis (extra eyelashes)
Fire And Ice OK 2006 0/0 A/A 0/0  
So So Cool          
Northern Lights OK 2006 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Midsummer Night OK 2005 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Lady Starlight OK 2006 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Ray of Sunshine OK 2007 0/0 A/A 0/0  
Midnight Sun          
Northern Star         Died at 13 months, despite of post-mortem the cause of death is unknown.
ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS: Eyes Knees Hips Elbows Other
Only The Brave          
One In A Million          
One And Only          
Once Upon A Time OK 2016 0/0      
Midnight Fantasy VD 2013        
Miss Dior          
L'Anarchiste OK 2015        
La Lune Mystique OK 2013        
La Chic VD 2014        
Gin And Tonic          
Giorgio Armani VD 2013        
Grain De Folie         Exported to Sweden
Grand Amour          
Egoiste Exess         Exported to Sweden
Envy Me cataract        
Euphoria cataract        
Cool Temptation          
Cool Water VD 2015        
Cosmopolitan VD 2014