Year 2011 in a nutshell....

Following her daddy's paw steps Nealah (Northgate's Heavens I'm Hot) won the Pharaoh Hound specialty (open show) Best In Show in June and became Top Pharaoh Hound in Finland. Like father like daughter :-). Daddy Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) took the Top Male.


Despite of her half a year mothernity leave Tyyne (Shalimar Mia Affirmed) was Top Bitch No2.

Young Kaya (Northgate's Just About Perfect) did splendid and ended as Top Bitch No3.

Litter sisters Miina (Northgate's I Want It All) and Wenla (Northgate's I Me Mine) sheared the Top Bitch No5 placement.

Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) was Top Male No 5.

Ralf (Northgate's Just For Kicks) Top Male No 8.

Northgate's was Top Breeder 2011 in Finland and our Wendy (Northgate's Northern Lights) Top Producing Dam (4th year in row).

Skumpan took Best In Show win at Liminka group show in July and a BIS-3 placement in Oulu International on the very same weekend. He was also BIS-2 in Juuka in March and took a Group 1st in Pieksämäki all breeds in June among other group placements.

We also had Best In Field Lure Coursing winners; Ralf in Kajaani and Miina the following weekend in Kuopio. Miina also made a new track record in Oulu in 280 meters.

In the Italian Greyhounds Urho (Northgate's Midnight Fantasy) started his show career with very promising results; 3 BOB-puppy wins and BOS in Jyväskylä INT loosing only to his own mother Latte (Northgate's Envy Me). Elvis (Northgate's La Lune Mystique) took two BOB wins and 3 CCs, sister Elvira (Northgate's La Chic) two CCs and a BIG-3 placement.

Tampere September 18th, the Main Show for Sighthounds: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB & BIG-3, Northgate's BIS-2- breeder's class.

Oval racing in Oulu September 17th: Oval track racing in Oulu: Pharaoh Hound Miina (Northgate's I Want It All) 1st in 280m with a new track record 21,58.

September 10th Lure Coursing in Kuopio: Miina (Northgate's I Want It All) showed what she is made of: she was Best In Field!

Porvoo September 11th Wenla (Northgate's I Me Mine) was BOB & BIG-4.

Tervakoski August 27th: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB & BIG-2

August 6th USA: Zalika, Northgate's Koh-I-Noor, was winners bitch with 5 point major at the PHCA National specialty and Qing (Northgate's As You Like It) was Best Of Breed!

Photo of Qing & Zalika: Bill Meyer of Labadie Missouri

July 17th Ouu INT: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB, BIG-1, BIS-3 !! Kaya Northgate's Just About Perfect BOS

Liminka July 15th: DOUBLE BEST IN SHOW!! Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB, Ralf (Northgate's Just For Kicks) BM-2,, Hugo (Northgate's How Ya Like It) BM-3 and Kaya (Northgate's Just About Perfect) BOS. Northgate's Pharaohs Best In Show breeder's class, Skumpan, Northgate's Dom Perignon, was Best In Show!!

World Winner Paris, July 9th: Northgate's Pharaoh Hounds BIS-3!

July 3rd Kokkola INT: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB & BIG-4 , Ralf (Northgate's Just For Kicks) BM-2, Kaya (Northgate's Just About Perfect) BOS, Miina (Northgate's I Want It All) BB-2. Northgate's Pharaoh Hounds BIS-3 breeder's group.

Tuusula July 2nd: Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB & BIG-2!

June 26th, Rovaniemi International: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) was BOB & BIG-3, his daughter Nealah (Northgate's Heavens I'm Hot) BOS

Gällivare INT June 19th: IG Latte (Northgate's Envy Me) BOB.

Pieksämäki all breeds June 11th: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB & BIG-1, Tyyne (Shalimar Mia Affirmed) BOS. Italian Greyhound Elvira (Northgate's La Chic) BOB & BIG-3.

Finnish Pharaoh Hound Specialty Open Show June 4th: Best In Show Nealah (Northgate's Heavens I'm Hot) and Nealah's proud daddy Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) was BOS.

May 27th Qing, Northgate's As You LIke It, took his BIS win No 31 at Ohio.

Varkaus May 28th: Ralf (Northgate's Just For Kicks) BOB and sister Adel (Northgate's Just Look At Me) BOS.

Hamina Int May 21st: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB, Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-2 and Tyyne (Shalimar Mia Affirmed) was BOS.

Överkalix, Sweden May 15th: Ecco, Northgate's Egoiste Exess was BOB.

Äänekoski May 14th: Kaya, Northgate's Just About Perfect BOB.

USA, Decatur, IL April 29th: Qing (Northgate's As You Like It) won his BIS No 30!

USA, Bossier City LA April 24th: Qing (Northgate's As You Like It) won BIS No 29!

Lahti INT April 24th: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB & BIG-4. Italian Greyhound Elvis (Northgate's La Lune Mystique) BOB.

Perry, Georgia USA April 14th: Young Zalika, Northgate's Koh-I-Noor, went Best of Opposite Sex for her first official time in the show ring at the Perry, Georgia shows!! She lost only to her famous grandad Qing (Northgate's As You Like It). The following day at the North Georgia Hound Association they did it again, Qing BOB and Zalika BOS!

Vaasa INT April 9th: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) BOB, Tyyne (Shalimar Mia Affirmed) BOS.

Norway, Harstadt INT March 19th: Nealah, Northgate's Heavens I'm Hot, was BOB.

BIS win No 24 to Qing at Texas on March 13th....

BIS win No 23 to Qing at Texas on March 11th 2011

San Antonio, Texas March 10th 2011: BIS win No 22 to gorgeous Qing!

Texas, USA March 6th 2011: Qing (Northgate's As You Like It) took his BIS win No 21!

Juuka March 5th: Skumpan (Northgate's Dom Perignon) was BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2 and Tyyne (Shalimar Mia Affirmed) was BOS. In Florida Qing (Northgate's As You Like It) took his BIS win No 20! And in a Sighthound show in Boden Italian Greyhound Ecco (Northgate's Egoiste Exess) took BOB.

Tuusniemi Feb 19th & 20th: Hugo, Northgate's How Ya Like It, BOB Kaya (Northgate's Just About Perfect) BOS. Italian Greyhound Armas (Northgate's L'Anarchiste) BOB.

February 13th Qing, Northgate's As You Like It, took his USA Best In Show win number 17 in Portland.

Corpus Christie, mTexas, USA Jan 15th 2011

Qing, Northgate's As You Like It, took his Best In Show win number 16 in the USA

Gothenburg, Sweden Jan 7th: Qezo (Northgate's King of the Ring) and sis Qanel (Northgate's Kalahari Queen) were shown in Gothenburg (Sweden) Sighthound show. Qezo was BOS-puppy and Qanel BOB-puppy & BEst In Show puppy! On Saturday Qezo was again BOS-puppy and Qanel BOB-puppy & BIS-3 and on Sunday Qanel BOB- & BIS-5-puppy and Qezo BOS-puppy.

!Gothenburg, Sweden Jan 7th-

BIS-3 @ Paris World Winner


Thank you all the owners of Northgate's kids for loving and taking such a good care of your 4 legged kids! That is the most important to us as their breeders. What they gain in shows, fields or racing is a bonus. Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2012. Hug your Hounds!