FICC-16 Northgate's Poetry In Motion
CVM-16 Northgate's Prince Charming
FICC-15 Northgate's No Regrets
CVM-12 Northgate's I Want It All
FICC-10 Northgate's Divine Hanishan
DVM-07 Northgate's Northern Lights
NordCC-07 Northgate's Northern Lights
VMM-07 Siphra's Sentimental Lady
FICC-06 Siphra's Sentimental Lady
ECC-06 Northgate's Northern Lights



TS-12 Northgate's I Want It All
NordRC-08 Northgate's Fire And Ice
TS-08 Northgate's Fire And Ice
FIRC-07 Northgate's Fire And Ice
DV-07 Northgate's Fire And Ice
TS-07 Northgate's Fire And Ice
FI RC-06 Northgate's Fire And Ice
FIRC-94 Scheik's Laburnum
FIRC-93 Scheik's Laburnum
TS-94 Scheik's Laburnum
DV-93 Scheik's Laburnum



Pharaoh hounds:
FI LC Ch Northgate's Poetry In Motion
FI LC Ch Northgate's Prince Charming
FI LC Ch Northgate's Forever N Ever
FI LC Ch Northgate's Divine Hanishan
FI LC Ch Northgate's Northern Lights
FI LC Ch Northgate's Fire And Ice
Italian Greyhounds:
FI RC Ch Northgate's One In A Million
FI LC Ch Northgate's Midnight Fantasy
FI LC Ch Northgate's Envy Me