EJW-18 Northgate's Something To Talk About


C.I.B. & NO & SE & DK & FI Ch NO & SE & FI LCCh FIW-14 NOW-15-16 DKW-15 HEW-15 EUCC-15 NordW-16 Bazinga A Storm of Swords
FI & LV & EE Ch HeW-13 FICC-16 FI LC Ch Northgate's Poetry In Motion



Show results:
16.12.2018 Finnish Winner BB-3 CC
1.9.2018 Helsinki NDS BOB CC
5.8.2018 Kuopio IDS BB-2 CC Res-cacib
4.8.2018 Kuopio Nord BOS NordCC CC
3.8.2018 Kuopio Nat BB-4 CC
28.7.2018 Mikkeli IDS BB-2 CC
22.7.2018 Kemi IDS BB-3
21.7.2018 Ylivieska IDS BB-2 CC
14.5.2018 Laukaa NAT BB-2 CC
8.7.2018 Juva NDS BB-2 CC
7.7.2018 Sighthound speciality show BB-2 CC
16.6.2018 Kotka Nord BOB CC NordCC BIG-4
10.6.2018 Hämeenlinna PH Open Show Best In Show Junior
27.5.2018 Joensuu BB-3 CC
26.5.2018 Joensuu IDS BB-2 CC
12.05.2018 Oulu Nord BB-2 CC BOB-Junior
05.05.2018 Tampere Nord BOS CC NordCC
02.04.2018 Imatra IDS BB-2 CC
01.04.2018 Imatra BB-3 CC
24.03.2018 Lahti IDS BB-3


above at the age of 5 months

Pedigree in koiranet